Dangerous and Harmful Prescription Drugs

It would appear that the focus on the Xarelto multidistrict litigation is starting to come together. The first trial dates for the Philadelphia mass tort are being set and the number of filings is increasing.

Plaintiff Gets 90 Days for Bayer to Be Served with Complaints

In middle of August, the Louisiana judge said there would be 90 days for certain plaintiff groups to serve the drug maker with complaints. The Philadelphia judge is working with the lawyers to determine court dates to begin trying bellwether cases. After those bellwethers are finished, the others are expected to begin next year. According to one attorney, “The parties are currently, under the court’s orders, negotiating a bellwether program in Philadelphia, with the first cases to be tried in August 2017.”

Xarelto cases have been the fastest growing in Philadelphia since they were established in January 2015. They have gone up almost 75 percent from 550 cases this past January to over 950 cases this August. It is believed that there will be about 1,000 cases in the mass tort program, according to an attorney on the plaintiff’s steering committee for the MDL. She said, “I do not expect the size of the Pennsylvania litigation to grow significantly. We’re right about at our max.”

Claims Are That Xarelto Causes Uncontrollable Bleeding

Claims in both the mass tort and the MDL are that the blood thinner Xarelto, which is made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals -– a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson –- and Bayer, is that it causes uncontrollable bleeding. The drug is currently on the market and being prescribed. This is the driving factor between the number of attorney advertisements and the manufacturer’s advertisements.

Has Xarelto Caused You Uncontrolled Bleeding or Other Significant Side Effects?

Xarelto has been a heavily publicized alternative to other blood thinners. However, for many patients, it has been a life-altering drug, even putting many people at risk of dying. If you have suffered because of Xarelto, you may want to consider the advice and guidance of an experienced mass tort or MDL attorney.