GM Recall Reaches 6.1 Million Vehicles

A Texas judge recently heard from General Motors’ attorneys on a motion to dismiss an ignition-switch lawsuit. The attorneys allege the plaintiffs in the case fabricated evidence.

Key on Keychain Evidence Was from a Different Vehicle

The lawsuit stems from a November 2007 accident. The plaintiffs allege that a 2007 Saturn Sky lost power, causing the accident, when the key for the vehicle turned the vehicle off. The car then hit a guardrail, crossed over into oncoming traffic and struck a 1997 Nissan Frontier at a high rate of speed. The driver of the Frontier died.

The attorneys for GM alleged in their dismissal motion that the keys the plaintiffs tried to admit into evidence did not contain a key to the Saturn Sky. Instead, upon inspection by both attorneys and the judge, it was determined that another key was on the keychain belonging to a different vehicle.

The motion to dismiss states, ”Plaintiff’s scheme might have gone undetected except for one fatal mistake they made: putting the wrong key on the keychain that they recently assembled and miraculously ‘found’ shortly before trial.”

Ruling on Dismissal Motion to Come

It is not known when the judge will rule one GM’s motions. This case is one of many “bellwether” cases brought against GM for the defective ignition switch. The plaintiffs have either rejected or chosen not to seek settlements through a $595 million compensation fund for 275 or so victims who suffered serious injuries, or the families of 124 who were killed due to the faulty ignition switch.

This is the same lawsuit that GM’s chief executive officer, Mary Barra, was shown in a video deposition saying that the defect was misdiagnosed. She said the defect was seen as a “customer satisfaction issue and not a safety issue” by GM engineers.

Have You Been Injured Because of a Defective Ignition Switch?

Those who have been injured or the family members of those killed because of an accident caused by a defective GM ignition switch have a right to seek compensation. A local attorney experienced in such cases can help you learn more about your legal options.