Chicken Recall

In 1961, Gainesville, Georgia, was trying to drum up some more publicity for the town. They apparently latched onto the idea that people in Gainesville love to eat fried chicken, and they decided to make that their platform.

After making a string of commercials about Gainesville being a haven for chicken lovers, they decided to take it a step further. They would pass a real, actual law about how people were supposed to eat fried chicken. That law would make it illegal to eat it with a fork or any other utensils. Visitors and residents alike would be legally obligated to eat chicken only with their hands.

The Law Still Stands

Everyone apparently thought this was a great idea, and the law was passed. How much it helped Gainesville turn into some focal point for fried chicken is debatable. What's not debatable, though, is that the law was never taken off of the books. It still stands today. Again, the lawmakers hadn't held back here, and they passed an official law.

Gainesville Is Still Trying

It's been more than 50 years since the law was passed, but Gainesville hasn't given up on the idea of publicity. They actually arrested a woman in 2009 when she ate her fried chicken with a fork. She was 91 years old. The whole thing was a stunt, and the mayor showed up right away to "pardon" her.

Humorous Laws

You're obviously not really going to be arrested for breaking a law like this, though it could technically happen. The law is a lighthearted way to get some media buzz for the city. However, what is surprising is how far the city took things, and it does shed light on how the stranger laws in the country can get passed. If you do run afoul of a law you never expected to exist in the first place, make sure you know what legal rights you have and what action may need to be taken in crafting a defense.