Weird Laws

The grounds for what is legal and illegal get a bit murky on the Internet, and many people do things consistently without knowing that they're technically breaking the law. While increased awareness about things like music pirating has helped to curb this, there are still some illegal activities you may find rather weird. Below are a few examples of illegal activities you may engage in all the time.

Creating GIFs

GIFs are typically just lifted from video files, and they've become incredibly popular in recent years. However, it's illegal to make them unless you own the rights to the original files. This crime isn't often prosecuted, though, because GIFs are often shared hundreds of thousands of times on sites like Tumblr, and it's very hard to figure out who made them originally.

Making Memes

Similarly, making a hilarious meme may be funny, but it's also probably illegal if you don't have the rights to the original image. The problems with prosecution here are the same as they are for GIFs, though; just because memes are easy to find doesn't mean it's easy to figure out who created them.

Stealing Your Neighbor's WiFi

When your WiFi goes down, if your neighbor has an unsecured connection, it's likely within range from your house. It's not hard to jump over and use it, and some people actually steal WiFi all the time to avoid that monthly bill. Others steal it from local businesses; if you live across the street from a coffee shop, this may be both easy and reliable. However, theft is still theft, even if you're not getting a physical, tangible asset.

Walking the Line of Internet Use Propriety

The Internet is a great way to share information and ideas, which is what it's been pitched as since the beginning. However, that very idea does make the concept of ownership a bit different than it is "in real life." If you're accused of online crimes, be sure you know your rights.