GM Recall Reaches 6.1 Million Vehicles

A trial against General Motors is underway in Texas and there has already been some interesting testimony from Mary Barra, the automaker's chief executive officer. The lawsuit is one of many filed over a flawed ignition switch that has been linked to at least 124 deaths.

Engineers Didn't Label Switch as a Safety Issue

During Barra's video disposition, which was played for the jurors in the case, engineers for GM "misdiagnosed [the ignition switch] as a customer satisfaction issue and not a safety issue." Barra also testified that "a series of mistakes were made over a period of time that caused the ignition-switch defect," adding that, in doing so, there were "tragic consequences."

The lawsuit was brought by a family from Houston, Texas, and alleges that, in 2011, the defective switch caused a fatal car crash. A then-19-year-old teen was charged with manslaughter. The case was eventually dismissed because of GM's later recall involving the faulty ignition switch. The plaintiffs are pursuing compensation for the man's brain injuries and the costs for the criminal case defense.

In Further Testimony, Barra Admits Faulty Switch Could Be Deadly

During the video deposition, Barra was pressed as to whether the automaker intentionally hid the flawed switch from customers and regulators. She said that the defect "could cause frontal air bag non-deployment, and certainly if the air bag doesn't work, it could cause a problem that could cause a fatality."

The flawed switch, if jostled enough, can turn the vehicle off. General Motors recalled 2.6 million vehicles for this problem. Besides the 124 deaths, the defective switch has also been linked to 275 injuries.

Have You Suffered Because of a Faulty Ignition Switch on a General Motor's Vehicle?

If you have experienced injuries or lost a loved one due to GM's defective ignition switch, you may have legal options. Too many people have been injured or killed due to this serious safety issue. An attorney experienced in General Motor's recalls can provide more information on how you can proceed with a case against the automaker.