You may think nothing of tossing a Dorito to your dog while you're having a snack, but there are some states where you need to be careful about what you feed animals. Giving pets "human food" isn't illegal, but there are mistakes that could be made, and they can result in real penalties. Here are a few of the animal diet laws from around the U.S.

You Have to Get a Permit to Feed Your Pig Garbage

It's often said that pigs will eat anything, even garbage. In Arizona, though you can give garbage to your pigs, you need to get a permit first. It lasts for one year and then has to be renewed. Don't feed them garbage on an expired permit or you could pay for it.

Don't Let a Moose Drink

Alaska has taken many steps to protect its wildlife, but here's one you may not have expected. Getting a moose to drink a beer is illegal. If you're partying with these majestic creatures in the Alaskan wilderness, keep your beer to yourself.

Keep the Booze Away from the Fish

It's clear that giving alcohol to animals is something people have found amusing every so often. In Ohio, they even had to make it a law not to feed alcohol to fish. Presumably, people were getting them to drink it just by pouring it into their aquariums, where they then don't have much choice in the matter.

Don't Use Bird Feeders in California

Technically, bird feeders are illegal in California. The law says that people can't do anything that disrupts the normal behaviors of animals, and that includes feeding them in any way. Officials have said they're not likely to ticket those with bird feeders, but they could if it's "some egregious thing."

Your Legal Options

So, what happens if you are cited, arrested, or ticketed for feeding animals, perhaps because you thought you were just trying to be helpful? It's always important to know your legal options, especially when you feel the charges against you aren't fair.