Every year, the first game of the NFL preseason is the Hall of Fame Game. This year, it was supposed to feature the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers. However, the game had to be cancelled, and fans have now decided to sue the league.

No Seats

One part of the lawsuit claims that some fans who had purchased tickets with guaranteed seats actually didn't have seats in the stadium. The NFL had somehow sold more tickets than it had seats available. This also happened when Dallas hosted the Super Bowl a few years ago, and fans were outraged to learn that they'd paid for tickets, paid to travel, and made all sorts of other plans when they couldn't even sit down inside.

Wasted Money

As noted above, fans were also mad about travel expenses, and they're suing for the related costs. Even if the NFL refunds the tickets, that doesn't cover the cost of hotel rooms, gas, plane tickets, or food. It also doesn't take into account lost wages or the use of valuable vacation time. Furthermore, some fans paid more than face value for their tickets, so they want a higher refund.

The League Knew

One of the key claims from the lawsuit is that the NFL knew that the field was unsafe -- they'd accidentally melted the rubber surface trying to get the paint to dry -- for about 80 minutes, but it kept that fact from fans. They want to be paid back for souvenirs, food, and other things that they bought after the game was called off, but before they knew it was cancelled.

An Entertainment Empire

This case is significant because it targets one of the biggest entertainment-based companies in the world. The NFL rakes in billions of dollars in the United States. Fans want to make sure that the product that they're paying so much for is actually the product that they're going to get. A class action case like this can hold any company responsible for not providing a quality product.