In May of this year, Richard “Scott” Silverthorne was elected to his third term as Fairfax, Virginia’s, mayor. In July, police say they received a tip that the 50-year-old mayor of the Northern Virginia city was using a website where men arranged sexual liaisons in order to trade methamphetamine for sex.

Police: Mayor Arranged Meeting with Undercover Detective

Fairfax County police say that they assigned an undercover detective to create a profile on the site, and that the mayor contacted him just days later, offering to provide meth in exchange for sex. He was allegedly asked to bring additional men with him. When the men met up with the undercover officer at a hotel in nearby Tyson’s Corner, they were arrested.

The mayor is facing two drug charges, for distribution of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia. The two men arrested with him, who were allegedly his suppliers, are also facing drug charges. The younger of the two, who is 21, who reportedly had to be subdued with a stun gun, is also facing charges for resisting arrest.

Dismissed This Year from Teaching Job

Silverthorne was released from jail, but has been replaced in his position, at least temporarily, by a city councilman. A former electoral rival has called for his resignation. Before first being elected mayor in 2012, Silverthorne served on the city council.

A statement released by the acting mayor mentioned his “more than a quarter of a century” of service to the city. He also worked briefly this year as a substitute teacher, but was dismissed from his job according to Fairfax County Public Schools.

Authorities say they don’t yet know how long Silverthorne had been using the website through which they discovered his alleged activity. A police spokesman said that “he had one other relationship on the website besides us."

Asks People Not to Rush to Judgment

Silverthorne, who has reportedly been battling cancer and also lost his home, posted this on his Facebook page following his arrest: "I ask that you allow the process to proceed before rushing to judgment (as tough as that may be)."

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