Ban on Gay Bar

When people think of a bar or tavern in Colorado, they probably think of a lot of cliches -- it's either a dark nightclub filled with young people or an old-west style tavern with working men and cowboys. However, it seems that the good people of Arvada, Colorado, expect an entirely different type of patron to show up at their taverns: the intellectual.

It's been legally mandated that taverns in the city must provide enough light that people inside can read. If they want to show up with a copy of Carl Sandberg's poems or Ernest Hemingway's accounts of big game hunting, they must be able to read while drinking a beer. Maybe they just want to browse the latest Pottery Barn catalogue. No matter what, that tavern must not be so dark that they can't sit at a booth or a table and get their reading done.

How It Could Make Sense

It's always fun to speculate about why these odd laws are in place and the ways they could actually prove helpful. In this case, it stands to reason that a tavern with proper lighting is one in which the customers can easily read the menu. This way, they aren't tricked into buying something that costs more than they wanted to spend because it was too dark to see the price. This does seem fair to patrons.

On top of that, adequate lighting can make it safer in one of these establishments. Lawmakers know that people are going there to drink, which can already lead to slip and fall accidents. Without enough light, these accidents could be even more common. Perhaps saying that people must "be able to read" gives them a good test they can use, a way to measure the lighting, when the real goal is to prevent injuries.

Building Regulations

Whatever the reason, it's important for business owners to always be aware of the rules and regulations that govern their businesses. Those in violation could face fines and other such penalties.