Halloween Weird Laws

Sometimes it's not the law that is strange, but the way it's interpreted. When those in charge decide to be strict with how they use the law, it can lead to arrests that leave you scratching your head. Check out these strange ways that people have been arrested.

Stealing Pop Tarts from His Mom

A 13-year-old boy would not stop stealing Pop Tarts from his mother. Finally, she got sick of telling him not to do it and just called the police. She reported it as a theft, and her son was arrested. As ridiculous as it sounds, the charges he's facing are for misdemeanor larceny, so he could be facing some real ramifications.

Opening Christmas Presents Before December 25

Everyone knows that you're supposed to wait until Christmas morning to open the presents and experience the joy and love of the holiday season, right? Well, one 12-year-old refused to wait, and he learned about the opposite of joy and love when his mother found out he'd opened his presents and she called the police. Rather than laughing it off, the police came to the house and gave the boy petty larceny charges.

Reading Email Messages

One man from Michigan thought his wife was cheating on him, so he opened up her email account and read her messages to find out. Turns out, he was right about the affair. It also turns out that reading another person's email is a felony. If convicted, the man could go to jail for five years.

Strict Application of the Law

As you can see, these laws make sense at the base level: Theft is illegal, as is snooping in someone else's mail. However, the way that the law is applied can often be rather shocking. When facing charges for things like this, especially when it feels like things have gone way too far, it's crucial for people to know their legal rights.