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On Friday, July 15, a federal judge in New York threw out some claims from General Motors vehicle owners that their vehicles lost value because of a series of recalls, including the massive recall for defective ignition switches. This part of the ruling only applied to owners of GM vehicles that weren’t recalled.

Owners of Recalled GM Vehicles Can Sue for Loss of Vehicles’ Value

While those who own General Motors vehicles that were not part of the defective ignition switch recall will not be allowed to proceed with their claims for lost value, owners of GM vehicles that were part of the recall can sue for the loss in their vehicles’ value. The judge issuing the ruling wrote that potential recovery for the plaintiffs is now “significantly curtail[ed].” In addition, the judge said that the plaintiffs’ argument that all GM vehicles had lost value due to the recall was not sound.

According to one attorney from Seattle, there are still 11 to 12 million cars affected by the defective ignition switch. Those vehicles owners will be able to sue GM for their vehicles’ loss in value. The attorney representing the plaintiffs whose cases were thrown out said that he will appeal the judge’s ruling.

General Motors Says Ruling Is a Win for Them

A spokesman for GM said that the judge’s ruling was a “big win” for the company. The spokesman said that the other recalls involving ignition switches were not as serious and that proving a loss in value of the vehicle will be difficult.

At Least 124 Deaths and 275 Injuries Linked to Defective Ignition Switches

The defective ignition switch recall affected some 2.6 million GM vehicles. The ignition could cause vehicles to stall unexpectedly when it slipped out of the “run” position. That meant there was no power steering or brakes. As a result, the ignition switches have been linked to 275 injuries and at least 124 deaths.

If you have been injured or you have lost a loved one because of GM’s defective ignition switch, you may have a right to seek compensation. An attorney experienced in defective product litigation can provide more information.