Gun laws are definitely a hot topic in the United States, with some claiming the laws need to be far more strict and others claiming that the government has no grounds to infringe on gun rights. However, one thing people sometimes miss is that there are also a few weird gun laws that have made their way onto the books. While they technically make sense, they're not the laws you're used to seeing in the news.

Don't Shoot a Bank Teller with a Water Gun

This law starts out by making a lot of sense, saying it's illegal to rob a bank. However, it then goes on to say that, after you rob said bank, it's illegal to shoot a bank teller with a water gun. The law is in Louisiana, where bank tellers were presumably sick of being drenched in water while being robbed.

Don't Shoot Rabbits ... from a Boat

In Kansas, it's legal to shoot rabbits during the small game season, and many people love to do so. However, it's expressly illegal to shoot at them from your boat. More specifically, it's illegal to shoot from a motorboat, which has to leave you wondering if you can go rabbit hunting on a sailboat ... and why you'd want to.

Only Whales Can be Shot from Moving Vehicles

California has a law similar to the one in Kansas, except it's a bit more general. It simply says that those in moving vehicles can never shoot at any type of game. This is presumably to put a stop to hunting from cars and trucks, though it would apply to boats as well. However, there is one exception to the law. If you're shooting a whale, you can be in a moving vehicle. You're free to hunt down Moby Dick in any manner that you please, even if your name isn't Ishmael.

Changing Gun Laws

While this is more of a light-hearted look at the country's odd gun laws, it is very important to know about local gun laws in every state, especially as laws are altered, introduced, or taken off of the books. Those accused of breaking these gun laws then need to know their legal rights.