Medical Malpractice

A federal judge will oversee the C.R. Bard Inc. IVC filter litigation across the country. That is about 400 cases, with plaintiffs who believe the IVC filter has caused them personal injury. The inferior vena cava filter is a small medical device that is designed to keep blood clots from reaching the lungs or the heart.

IVC Filter Can Break and Travel to Other Parts of the Body

The IVC filter problem is that pieces of it can break off. Those pieces can pierce other parts of the body, become embedded in tissue and be difficult to remove. Two interventional cardiologists in Phoenix say that the manufacturer is not as much to blame as the physicians and patients.

The temporary filters are supposed to be removed before the end of six months. However, if an emergency room physician or an interventional radiologist put the IVC filter in, the patient may forget that it needs to be removed. Because these types of doctors don’t have an ongoing relationship with the patient, it’s up to the patient to follow up with one's primary care physician.

The other cardiologist said that there is little standardization in the medical community when it comes to the use of IVC filters. This doctor is the director of the Heart and Vascular Center of Arizona and he said that he has used the IVC filters in patients when it has been needed. However, he hasn’t seen any of the filters become lodged in another part of the body.

Getting Help with an IVC Filter

An IVC filter that fails can be dangerous and expensive to remove. Patients may need additional surgeries in order to treat the faulty filters or remove them. If you are currently suffering because of an IVC filter, you should speak with your primary care physician. In addition, you may want to speak with an experienced IVC filter attorney. He or she can discuss what your legal options may be, including the possibility of financial compensation.