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Another Risperdal-related lawsuit has started in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. This is the fifth lawsuit from the mass tort program consisting of almost 1,750 lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Plaintiff Kept on Risperdal Despite Risks

The attorney for Janssen Pharmaceuticals told the jury that the plaintiff’s physicians kept him on Risperdal because it was “the only thing that ever worked...” Additionally, the jury was told that the plaintiff’s mother asked one of his physicians to keep him on a generic version even after the lawsuit against Janssen had been filed.

According to the defendant’s attorney, the plaintiff’s doctor knew of the risk of excess breast tissue in young boys and had monitored the plaintiff for it. The plaintiff, his mother, father, and the doctor discussed the plaintiff’s need for medication, said the attorney. He said that despite the weight gain and the risks, the doctors felt that nothing else worked for the plaintiff. The attorney said that it was the right of the plaintiff, the parents and the physicians to make that judgment and accept the risks with the medication.

Information Withheld

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the company wanted to market Risperdal to children even though it was only approved for adults that had schizophrenia. In an effort to get the drug approved for children, Janssen manipulated the numbers that showed the link between Risperdal and gynecomastia, according to the attorney.

The plaintiff started taking the drug in 2003 for a severe psychiatric problem. In 2004, the plaintiff began to show excessive breast growth. The plaintiff’s attorney also said that the family didn’t know in 2003, 2004 or 2005 about the risks with taking Risperdal.

According to the defendant’s attorney, the plaintiff was taken off the drug in 2005 after developing breasts. After eight other medications didn’t work, the Risperdal was restarted and he took it until March 2009. The next three years saw the plaintiff on other medications. In 2012, a generic version of Risperdal was started because the plaintiff was acting violently, said the defendant’s attorney.

Has a Male Loved One Experienced Breast Growth While on Risperdal?

If a male loved one has been prescribed Risperdal and has grown breasts while on the drug, you may be able to seek compensation. An attorney with experience in Risperdal lawsuits can advise you of your legal options.