The Golden State Warriors were set to play Game Six of the NBA Finals, and superstar Steph Curry's family almost couldn't get into the game. The problem was a case of mistaken identity, and his father-in-law was nearly arrested.

Curry has been the best player in the NBA for two years now, picking up the MVP in both seasons. The Warriors just set the record for the most wins of all time, and Curry was the first unanimous MVP in league history.

Another Man

According to reports from those who talked to Curry after the game, the problem is that the security officers who were working at Quicken Loans Arena had been told that another man may show up and try to sneak into the game. He had used fake documents before to get into games and get backstage. The security officers thought that Curry's father-in-law looked like the man they were supposed to watch for, and it seemed like something he would do. They briefly stopped him and told him he would be arrested if he couldn't prove who he was. He got out his own papers, proved that he was really related to Curry, and the whole thing ended without incident. The families of some of the players were slightly later getting into the arena than they'd anticipated, which they weren't happy about.

Racial Profiling

During the game, Curry's wife went on record as saying that she felt the police had racially profiled her father, and that's what led to the arrest. Whether that happened or not is unclear, as it seems to be just a case of mistaken identity, but it does raise some interesting questions about what racial profiling actually is and when it has been committed.

Protecting Yourself

A case of mistaken identity can be stressful and frustrating, in large part because it seems so unfair. You've literally done nothing wrong, and you know it, but you're being threatened with arrest, anyway. If this happens, it's important to keep your composure, remember what rights you have and work to quickly defend those rights.