Weird Laws

The United States has a ton of crazy laws that are still on the books. At times, it feels like the U.S. has more of these than any other country. This is, in part, because of the way the country is divided into states, meaning there isn't just one country voting on these laws, but all 50 separate areas with a chance to pass their own state-level laws.

If you would like to learn more about some of the most outlandish laws around, a few are noted below.

Don't Wake Sleeping Bears

If you're hiking in Alaska and you see a sleeping bear, you may be tempted to take a picture of it. That's fine, but you should note that it's illegal to wake the bear up to take the photo. However, it is interesting that this was even made into a law, as it's incredibly dangerous to wake a bear up at all; most bears attack when they are near cubs or when they're startled.

Make Sure Your Pickles Bounce

In Connecticut, if you're not sure if you have a pickle or a cucumber, just throw it on the floor. Under state laws, it's not legally a pickle unless you can make it bounce. This law helps to keep pickle producers honest about what they're selling.

Don't Charge for a One-Armed Piano Recital

If you have two arms and want to play the piano for a performance, you can charge whatever you'd like in Iowa. If you only have one arm, though, you can't capitalize on this by becoming an astounding player that everyone wants to see. State law mandates that you have to play free shows.

Order Your Own Pizzas

Think that it'd be funny to order a pizza and have it sent to your neighbor's house? Though this is a pretty common prank, the lawmakers aren't laughing in Louisiana. You could be fined up to $500.

Fines and Fees

Breaking most of these laws won't land you behind bars. However, there is a chance that you could face fines or fees, no matter how odd the laws seem, so be sure you look into your defense options when being charged, especially if you don't want it to stay on your record.