Gun with Bullets

A new gun law made it through both the House and the Senate in Missouri. It's not officially a law yet, as governor Jay Nixon still hasn't signed it, but that's the last step in the process. He hasn't officially said what he thinks of it, but it's worth noting that he is a Democrat -- and many Democrats were against the bill to start with. If he sides with his party, it may not get any farther.

Stand Your Ground

The law has been compared to the "stand your ground" laws in other states, such as Florida, which have been equally controversial as of late. Essentially, the law would make it so that people did not have to get complete training with a handgun to carry it in a concealed fashion. They would also not need to have a permit to carry. With current laws, and the laws in many other states, people are not allowed to carry a concealed gun until going through an extensive training program, passing background checks, and getting a license.

Two Sides

The Republicans and Democrats have reportedly been fighting over the bill, coming down firmly on two sides. Those who support it say that people need more protection and that being allowed to carry guns would give them that anywhere -- not just in their homes. On the other side, those who are against the law say that it would lead to more shootings, possibly promoting violence that otherwise could have been avoided. They warn of shootouts and a rise in injuries and death, of a sort of Wild West atmosphere.

Changing Gun Rights

The use of firearms has been a hot button for years, but it really grew to prominence in Missouri with the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in 2014. It is important for people to keep an eye on this legislation to see if it will end up changing gun rights and what gun owners are legally allowed to do, something that would be very important in any legal investigations after a concealed weapon was used. Be sure you know your rights and watch to see if governor Nixon signs the bill.