Animal Rights

In North Carolina, there are some very specific laws regarding animals. Those who live there may want to be aware of what their pets can and cannot do, lest they be held responsible for the pets' actions.

Cats and Dogs: Why Can't We Be Friends?

It's important to the lawmakers in North Carolina that cats and dogs get along as much as possible. As such, they've made it illegal for the animals to fight. They may be cliché natural enemies, but they have to get along or there will be ramifications. Owners who think that their pets may not be on such good terms may be wise to keep the pets inside, where they can't get into any trouble.

The Tortoise and the Hare Couldn't Happen Here

The Tortoise and the Hare is a famous story about a rabbit who races a turtle. The rabbit is clearly faster, but the turtle is persistent and wins the race. It's been told for decades to teach children about the value of persistence and dedication, and to show them that they won't always accomplish their goals right away -- but not to give up.

It's not that they don't tell the story in North Carolina, but the race could never happen there. After all, it's illegal for a rabbit to be found racing down the street. The story would have the same outcome -— in that the turtle would win -— but only because the rabbit wouldn't be allowed to join the race in the first place.

Protecting Animals

It's fun to look at these laws in a humorous fashion, but it's also easy to see how they can protect animals. Dog fighting is also illegal, and this law makes it illegal for people to attempt to get around that law by having dogs and cats fight each other, so that people can gamble on who the winner will be. Likewise, the law against rabbit racing would keep these races from being carried out for sport, again stopping people from exploiting animals to bet on the outcomes.

Know Your Legal Options

If you're accused of breaking these laws, it's likely because the authorities think you're trying to harm the animals or put them in danger for illegal gambling. You must know all of your
legal options when facing these serious charges.