A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana against Zimmer Orthopaedic Surgical Products, Inc., Zimmer Holdings, Inc., and Zimmer Inc., alleges that there is a manufacturing defect in their Zimmer NexGen knee device. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit on April 12 and is seeking a trial by jury for alleged violation of consumer protection laws.

Damages Sought for Pain, Suffering and More

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff had the Zimmer NexGen knee device implanted on April 4, 2015. The surgery on his right knee was done at North Oaks Medical Center. Eventually, the man had to undergo revision surgery on his knee, which he alleges led to economic and personal suffering and loss of services. The damages listed are for economic loss, pain, suffering and emotional distress.

The man wants exemplary damages, costs, attorney fees and additional relief that the court deems fair. With over 1.45 million NexGen knee replacements implanted since 1994, the number with an early failure of the knee replacement device could be staggering. Rush University Medical Center has issued a statement urging people to avoid getting this specific knee replacement device.

The symptoms of the failure of this device include difficulties walking, pain and swelling. The Zimmer knee device is supposed to be good for 15 years. However, there are many claims like the one above that have been filed when patients have only had the device for two or three years. Revision surgery is the most common form of corrective action.

Did You Have a Knee Replacement with a Zimmer Device?

If you suffer from the symptoms of replacement failure for a Zimmer knee device, you may need revision surgery. This is where another knee device is implanted and the Zimmer knee device is removed. There are experienced attorneys who can help you understand your legal options, such as filing a case against Zimmer Inc., and other defendants. While each case is different, your personal injury attorney can make sure your case is well-represented within the court system.