Weird Laws

Switzerland is a beautiful country, full of rolling green hills, deep forests, and snow-capped mountains. It's a popular tourist destination and it often ranks as one of the best countries in which to live. However, if you're going there to stay, or just visit, it pays to know that they have some rather strange laws. Below are a few examples.

Only Ride Your Bike Up Hills

For a country covered in mountains, it's rather odd to have rules against riding a bike downhill. In a small town in Switzerland, however, this is the law, though it appears to be all right to ride up a hill or on a flat surface.

Don't Clean Up on Sunday

Thinking that Sunday is the perfect day to get some work done around the house? Maybe you'll finally have a chance to wash your car, in which you've been commuting to work all week, or maybe you'll do some laundry and hang it up to dry outside. Not so fast. Both of these tasks are illegal on a Sunday, so you need to do them on Saturday or during the work week. If you're thinking you'll spend the day mowing the lawn instead, don't do that either. It's illegal because lawnmowers are too loud.

Bathroom Rules

It's hard to fathom how these rules would be enforced, but Switzerland also has a few strange rules for the bathroom. For one thing, a man who wants to relieve himself from a standing position has to get it done before 10 in the evening, as it's illegal after that. He must sit down. If he does, though, he can't flush the toilet. That's also outlawed after 10, so he'd have to wait until the morning.

You Can Drink Absinth, If You Can Get It

The laws seem torn when it comes to a special, potent type of alcohol known as absinth. If you have it, you can drink it without violating any laws. However, it'll take a lot of work to get it, as storing, producing, trading, and selling Absinth are all illegal.

Protect Yourself When Accidents Happen

If you're a tourist, it'd be very easy to accidentally break some of these laws; even residents could forget and accidentally wash the car or mow the lawn on the wrong day. When this happens and you're facing fines or charges, be sure you know your legal options.