Quarterback Johnny Manziel is going to be arrested, as a grand jury recently decided to indict him on assault charges. The incident happened at the beginning of the year, and the authorities have been looking into it since. They were waiting to make an arrest to find out if the grand jury thought it was warranted, and they now have their answer.

A Fight in a Car

The young woman who is accusing Manziel of assaulting her used to be dating him. The two were driving in a white car when an altercation occurred, and the QB said that the woman grabbed his wallet and tossed it out of the window of the vehicle. He said that he also had to keep her from leaping from the vehicle, and he grabbed her arm to restrain her. There are photos of her arm that show a slight red area that has been described as an abrasion.

The young woman's version of the story is a bit different, as she also says he hit her in the head. The blow, she claims, was hard enough that she could not hear for days. She also cites his grabbing her arm as an assault, not an effort to keep her safe. Though the grand jury does not provide any indication of which side is telling the truth, the indictment means there's enough evidence to go to trail and find out.

NFL Rulings

No matter how the court case plays out, Manziel could still be suspended by the National Football League. They have a strict player conduct policy. It's worth noting that he is a free agent right now, though, a QB who has not signed with any specific team. He last played for the Cleveland Browns, who drafted him in the first round, but they cut him after a string of off-the-field incidents, some of which allegedly involved drugs and alcohol.

High Profile Cases

Even though Manziel is no longer on an NFL roster, this case will draw media attention. He is, after all, a former Heisman Trophy winner at Texas A&M. In cases that are in the public eye, it's incredibly important for people to know their rights, especially when it comes to getting a fair trial that is not swayed by the court of public opinion.