A mass neighborhood brawl in east Georgia has resulted in the arrest of nine people. A tenth person is being sought by authorities. The violent altercation occurred on March 18 in the city of Hephzibah, near Augusta. By the time it was over, an 18-year-old young man had been fatally stabbed.

Those Charged Include 2 Moms

While most of the alleged participants were in their late teens, two mothers, in their 30s were also reportedly involved. All ten are facing murder as well as aggravated assault charges. The Richmond County sheriff said, "Anytime you have a mother driving her child to something like this, you have a problem." He said, "That's why we're taking an aggressive stance and charging everyone with murder."

Reports by law enforcement say that the violent altercation escalated as dozens of people gathered to watch two girls who were fighting in the street. According to the sheriff, the fight escalated as more people came to the scene, choosing sides. A video shot by someone on the scene shows young men wielding baseball bats and a car that nearly runs people over multiple times.

Authorities Say Stabbing Victim Wasn't Active Participant in Fight

According to law enforcement investigators, the young man who was killed reportedly was not an active participant in the melee. They say that he didn't leave the house he was in until it had been going on for some time.

After being stabbed in the neck, he tried to drive himself to the hospital. A law enforcement officer who encountered the teen got him to the hospital. However, he did not survive his injuries. The sheriff called the young man's death "the epitome of a senseless murder."

When multiple people are allegedly involved in a criminal incident, it can be difficult to determine the level of culpability of each one. The fact that there is video of this event will likely help law enforcement and prosecutors determine that. Since all ten people are facing murder charges, based on the tape and other evidence, a number of defense attorneys are likely to argue that their clients played no direct role in the young man's death and should have their charges reduced or dropped.