Weird Laws

When looking at the state laws in Idaho, it's hard not to wonder if the lawmakers perhaps had something against Valentine's Day. They passed a pair of laws that could really put a damper on the celebrations, depending on what you had planned.

Too Much Candy

There is a law saying that a man can't give his wife, girlfriend or significant other too much candy. Any boxes that are presented have to weigh
under 50 pounds. If there's too much candy, the man is in violation of the law. This presumably applies to people who are not even in an official relationship, so don't think about giving a friend or a co-worker too much candy, either, even if you can feel a romance brewing.

Too Much Kissing

Additionally, Idaho has a law that makes public displays of affection, if not illegal, at least shorter. Couples can kiss in public, but they cannot do it for more than 18 minutes straight. Anything over that breaks the law. The 18-minute mark seems a bit arbitrary, and it would be hard to prove exactly how long a couple had been kissing -Ñ unless a witness was deliberately timing it -Ñ but that's the way it's written up.

Perhaps overly-large boxes of candy were being given out, causing emotions to flare up and leading to far too much kissing in public, and the lawmakers decided to put an end to it in one fell swoop.

Older Laws

Over the years, the drive to pass laws limiting people's romantic lives has waned in the United States, but it's interesting to see some of the older laws that are still on the books, showing just how interested lawmakers used to be in this sort of behavior. These laws were likely aimed at forcing people to keep their romantic lives private, in the confines of their own homes, to help present a public image of purity and innocence.

While it's unlikely that charges would be pressed in anything but extreme situations, it's still useful for residents and visitors alike to understand local laws and the legal ramifications of breaking them.