Three brands of tuna have been recalled by their manufacturers: H-E-B, Tri-Union Seafoods, LLC, and Bumble Bee Foods, LLC. There have been no illnesses reported due to the affected cans of tuna, and all three companies listed the same cause for the recall.

Life-Threatening Illness Possible if Recalled Tuna Is Eaten

The three recalls are related. Bumble Bee’s product was produced in Georgia at the production facility belonging to Chicken of the Sea. H-E-B and Tri-Union Seafoods, LLC’s products were produced in the same facility. According to Chicken of the Sea’s vice president of Quality and Compliance, there was a part that malfunctioned during the commercial sterilization process. That malfunction meant the tuna might not have been cooked completely. The tuna could be contaminated by spoilage organisms or pathogens.

Consumers are being told to throw away the affected cans of tuna or return them to respective stores for a full refund. In addition, they can call the three companies to inquire about reimbursement or if they have questions about the recalled products.

List of Recalled Tuna Products

The products that were affected by the recall are all 5-ounce cans. Bumble Bee’s tuna included chunk light tuna in water and in oil, as well as a four-pack of 5-ounce cans of chunk light tuna in water. There are 12 Best By Dates that are included in the recall and three UPC codes.

Chicken of the Sea had two UPC codes, 15 lot codes and 15 Best Buy Dates affected by the recall. These include canned chunk light tuna in oil and water.

H-E-B recalled Hill Country Fare brand canned chunk light tuna in oil. It was sold in Texas stores between Feb. 24 and March 16 of this year. There is only one product affected, with one UPC, lot code and Best By Date being recalled.

Product Liability on Recalled Items Can Involve Many People and Entities

When a product is recalled and people are made ill or injured because of it, the manufacturers and others involved in the recall could be held liable in a civil suit for medical expenses, pain, suffering and more. A lawyer can provide information on how such lawsuits can be pursued.