Weird Laws

If you have a bit too much to drink at the bar and are looking for a way to get home where you won't have to walk and you won't get a DUI, don't think about riding a horse to your house, at least not if you live in Colorado. It's illegal to drink and ride in the state, and you could even get cited with a traffic violation.

A 600-Mile Ride

While this obviously isn't something that comes up often, and the law would have made a bit more sense back when Colorado was part of the frontier, it does still happen from time to time. One man set off on what he claims was going to be a 600-mile ride, trying to go from Boulder to Utah. He said he had a wedding to attend.

Unfortunately for him, witnesses saw the man -— who was from Colorado Springs -— when it looked like he was intoxicated in the saddle. There were reports that he was slumped to the right and hitting the horse with enough power that it was bucking and rearing up in the air.

Police apprehended the man, who said he hadn't been hitting the horse, but trying to swat a fly. The police determined that he was intoxicated, and found beer cans and a black powder revolver among his things. He was also carrying a pug, apparently his pet dog. He was arrested for riding while intoxicated, for prohibited use of weapons, and for animal cruelty. He also got reckless endangerment charges, as it was reported that he'd been riding on sidewalks and forcing people to move out of his way.

A Safe Ride Home

Some people will think of a horse as a safe ride home, assuming they're doing a good thing by not getting behind the wheel. They're actively trying to avoid getting a DUI, not realizing that they're breaking the law. It's important to know that the law prohibits being drunk on horseback, as well, so it is probably wise to call a cab or look for another means of transportation.

Your Rights

A DUI on horseback is a traffic infraction in Colorado, so you need to know what sort of sentence this could carry and what legal DUI defense options you have.