A breakfast sandwich and a cheese and fruit box (with nuts) sold at Starbucks have been recalled, voluntarily, due to possible listeria contamination.

Listeria Found on Contact Surface During Routine Testing

Progressive Gourmet Inc. is the food manufacturer responsible for making Starbucks’ breakfast sandwiches. The listeria contamination might have occurred in Progressive’s production facility. The company conducted routine testing on various surfaces in the facility and found listeria on one of the contact surfaces.

The 250 Starbucks stores which received the egg, sausage and cheese sandwiches are located in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The sandwiches have a “Best Before: 07-Aug-2016” on the package’s top and were sold on Thursday and Friday of last week. The sandwiches possibly affected by the recall are in a 6-ounce package with a clear plastic label. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the sandwiches were pulled from the stores as soon as Starbucks was made aware of the possible contamination.

The FDA reports that listeria can be fatal to the elderly, young children or those who have weakened immune systems. There is a risk of stillbirth or miscarriage if a pregnant woman becomes infected by the bacteria.

Cashew Contamination Due to Specific Lot of Almonds

Starbucks has also recalled Cheese & Fruit Bistro Boxes in Washington state that have an “enjoy by date" of March 4. A supplier of an ingredient used to make the bistro boxes recalled them because a particular lot of almonds was used when it shouldn’t have been. The almonds could have cashews in them. For those who are sensitive or allergic to cashews, they could experience a severe or life-threatening reaction.

Starbucks pulled this product from its stores as soon as it was made aware of the problem. There were no other “enjoy by" dates or products affected by the recall. Starbucks said that people who do not have a sensitivity or allergy to cashews can safely eat the product. Reportedly, there have been no consumers affected or made ill by either product.

Food Product Safety and Civil Litigation

When a recall is issued because of a contaminated food product, consumers who have suffered illness or injury have a right to seek compensation for their expenses, losses and damages. A civil lawsuit may be filed, but this type of case can be complex. An experienced products liability lawyer can be beneficial to you.