Water Bottle Ban

The Flint water crisis has been playing out for months, as evidence continues to mount indicating elevated lead levels in the water are dangerous to citizens of the shrinking Michigan town that used to be at the heart of the auto industry. Though residents now have other options, such as bottled water that is being distributed, many were drinking tap water for a long time before news about the contamination was revealed.

Now, a woman who moved to Flint in 2014 is saying that she believes the water caused her to have two miscarriages, killing her unborn twins.

A Miracle Child

The woman came to Flint in the summer of 2014 and found out she was pregnant a year later. However, after only five weeks, she had to rush to the hospital, where doctors informed her that she'd had a miscarriage.

At the time, the woman didn't know she was having twins, but she went back to the hospital for another appointment and a doctor detected a heartbeat. That's when they realized only one twin had passed away. The woman referred to the surviving child as a miracle baby and she started preparing to welcome it into the world. Tragically, she then had a second miscarriage.

Shortly afterward, she got a notice in the mail reporting that the water was dangerous and that pregnant women should not drink it. She now believes that the water caused the miscarriages, and she wants those who allowed this to happen to be sent to prison, including Governor Rick Snyder.

Legal Action

Steps are being taken to get to the bottom of this on many levels. President Obama called it a federal emergency and authorized use of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Investigations are being carried out to find out exactly what happened. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the government by the people of Flint.

The way that this plays out will be essential in setting legal precedents for what lawmakers and officials must do to protect their citizens. It's also important for those living in Flint to keep an eye on the process so that they know what legal options they have as more evidence comes to light.