Small bag of marijuana

In 1948, popular actor Robert Mitchum was arrested by Los Angeles police detectives for smoking a marijuana cigarette at a party. The star of "Night of the Hunter" and "Cape Fear" allegedly said, "Well, this is the bitter end of everything -– my career, my marriage, everything."

Was Mitchum’s Arrest a Publicity Stunt?

Mitchum may have thought the arrest would negatively affect his career, family relationships and more, but his first movie released after his legal troubles, "Rachel and the Stranger," was a hit at the box office. His marriage was on the rocks at the time, but he and his wife reconciled, and she supported Mitchum during the scandal.

The Los Angeles Police Department was promoting their anti-drug efforts at the time and some people believe that Mitchum’s arrest wasn’t fair. There were grumblings that it was a set up to get the department more recognition and money.

Mitchum was given a jail sentence of 60 days. He was also on probation for several years even though he was represented by high-priced studio attorneys. They had questioned the case’s irregularities, and Mitchum ended up with a plea bargain.

California Marijuana Laws Are Complex

Even though marijuana has been approved in California for medicinal use, it has not been approved to use recreationally. If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, you should speak with an experienced drug crime lawyer. There may be an opportunity to participate in drug court, if you meet the requirements. Your attorney will explain what drug court entails and how it may help in your case, and he or she will work to mitigate the penalties associated with marijuana possession.