Woman Suing Kaiser for Failure to Diagnose Cancer after Five Years

The potential dangers of laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators came to public attention nearly a year ago in an expose by "60 Minutes." The retailer's products, purchased from China, were found to pose health risks because of the levels of formaldehyde in the materials. Potential health issues included cancer and respiratory issues like asthma.

The company stopped selling laminate flooring made in China after the problems were discovered. However, company's stock price plummeted and the company's chief executive officer resigned.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Revise Calculations

Now the CDC has said that the risk of developing cancer and other health problems from some laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators is even higher than originally believed. The agency reports that an incorrect calculation of ceiling height is to blame for the original lower-than-accurate numbers. Approximately six to 30 people out of 100,000 are now estimated to develop cancer from certain types of the company's laminate flooring.

Lumber Liquidators has offered free air quality tests to consumers who have the flooring in their homes. However, as one mother of two who had the testing noted, she'd feel safer if she had her own independent tests done, even if she had to pay for them.

How Can Property Owners Reduce the Risk of Formaldehyde?

The CDC and the Environmental Protection Agency have provided tips for homeowners to help reduce their exposure to formaldehyde from the flooring. These include improving ventilation and using humidifiers and air conditioners.

Homeowners and business owners who have flooring and other materials already inside their property often have little choice to prevent future harm besides removing the harmful materials, which can be costly. Further, damage to people's health may have already occurred.

Personal injury attorneys with experience in dealing with product liability cases can provide advice and assistance to those who believe that an illness suffered by themselves or a loved one is due to dangerous, defective products. In many cases, if enough people have suffered harm due to the same product, a class action suit may be the easiest, most effective means of obtaining justice and compensation.