Weird Laws

There is certainly a plethora of strange -– and downright ridiculous –- laws around the world. For this Friday’s post on weird laws, we’re going to highlight France. There are several laws in France that might leave you scratching your head!

It Is Legal to Marry a Dead Person

If you can show that you and your fiancée planned to marry before the untimely death of your soon-to-be spouse, you can legally be married. The prospective matrimony does require that the French president give you his blessing. The law was passed in 1959 and was drafted by Charles de Gaulle after the Malpasset Dam ruptured in the south of France.

It Is Illegal to Die Without a Cemetery Plot

Pre-planning has always been a good idea, especially when it comes to your funeral. One city in France took this a bit farther, though. In Le Lavandou, it is illegal for a person to die in the city limits without having a plot in a cemetery in which to be buried. This law reportedly came about after the government of Le Lavandou asked for more land for another cemetery after the one in town became full. The regional court would not approve the request, saying it would violate a law already in place that regulates construction on the seashore. The city decided to retaliate by passing this law.

Be Careful When Naming Your Pig

If you own a pig in France, you might be careful what you name, or even offhandedly call, your animal. There is a law stating that no owner may call a pig by the name of Napoleon. The law is three centuries old and was passed to keep people from making fun the short emperor.

Some bizarre laws are still on the books in nearly all countries. Without knowing how strictly certain ones are enforced, visitors must really watch what they say and do when in another country. Otherwise, they might end up facing criminal charges. As long as your fiancée doesn’t call her pig Napoleon and doesn’t die without a cemetery plot, you may carry on with your nuptials without worrying about marrying a criminal!