A tragic stabbing attack has occurred at a Staten Island hotel. According to officials familiar with the case, a mother and her three daughters were violently attacked by a man with a knife. Unfortunately, the mother and one of her daughters did not survive. The two other daughters were critically stabbed, but they are expected to survive.

Police are conducting a manhunt to locate the assailant. They say that he knew both the mother and the girls -- one of whom was just an infant. The two others were toddlers.

Killer Confessed to His Mother

Police were clued into the horrific incident after a woman from Brooklyn told them that her son had confessed to killing his girlfriend. The man called his mother on the phone and also said that he wanted to kill himself.

The stabbing happened at the Ramada Hotel located on Staten Island. The Fire Department was dispatched to the scene at 10:11 a.m. All four victims were rushed to local hospitals to receive medical attention. They were alive, but in critical condition. Unfortunately, the mother and one of the daughters succumbed to their injuries.

According to authorities, the victims were homeless. The Staten Island Ramada is being used by city officials to provide temporary shelter to homeless families because its shelters are at capacity.

Where Is the Liability?

The accused man in this case will likely face the highest of criminal charges -- murder -- once authorities catch up with him. In addition to murder and assault charges, however, he could also be held financially liable for the death and tragedy inflicted on this family in civil court. The surviving daughters will have the right to pursue wrongful death claims against their mother's murderer.

Depending how this incident happened, it is also possible that the hotel and the city are partially liable for the events. Did the city take necessary precautions to ensure that this family was being safely housed? Did the hotel provide a reasonable amount of security to prevent violent attacks on its premises? These and other questions will be important to ask in this case.