Police Officer

An Alabama state police officer pulled over a speeding vehicle last Sunday at 6:40 a.m. with the intention of giving the driver a ticket. To his surprise, there was a pregnant woman about to give birth in the car -- she was literally on the verge of having her baby.

It was while Trooper Michael Kesler was questioning the driver, Danny Lowe, that his wife went into labor. Next, the two men helped her with the delivery, right on the side of U.S. 72.

Trooper Was "Awesome," Father Said

The new father told reporters that the trooper "was awesome" and "he settled me down." After the delivery, Officer Kesler assisted in cleaning the baby and keeping both the mother and her baby warm while they waited for the ambulance to pick them up.

According to the Secretary of Law Enforcement, Officer Kessler helped relieve the family of a lot of stress by communicating with ambulance personnel and the mother's physician. Kessler even went to the hospital with cupcakes, flowers and a new parent starter kit.

Lowe recently confirmed with reporters that both his wife and his new baby boy are well.

The law enforcement secretary said, "Trooper Kesler's actions today exemplify the mission of the Alabama State Troopers -- to serve and protect ... "I want to personally commend Trooper Kesler for his swift actions and going above and beyond the call of duty."

No Speeding Ticket Issued: Just a Warning

As an added bonus, Lowe escaped the incident without a ticket. He was merely given a speed warning. A speeding ticket probably would not have been appropriate, either, even if the officer had issued one. Speeding tickets can be fought in court, and, if a driver has a very good reason to be speeding, courts may be sympathetic and dismiss the matter. For example, in this case, the driver clearly had a very good reason to speed: His baby's and wife's lives were at stake.