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Two bodies were located by divers off the coast of Southern California inside the wreckage of a crashed plane. The crash happened after a midair collision. Authorities believe that two people died in the tragic incident.

The bodies and wrecked small plane were found approximately 100 feet underwater, about 2 miles from Los Angeles Harbor. Investigators say that the victims will be identified on Monday, and divers will continue their search of the area.

The search began on Friday after two planes collided. The collision was spotted on radar. A 72-year-old woman was piloting a plane that struck another aircraft that contained two men, aged 61 and 81.

Husband Came Forward to Identify the Female Pilot

Although authorities have not released the names of the people involved, the 72-year-old pilot's husband came forward and said his wife's name was Mary Falstrom. The man said that his wife is a longtime pilot, and she had gone out for a flight to enjoy the beautiful weather. He said hours after she left, he received the tragic news.

Debris was found at the cash site belonging to the plane that had the two men inside it. Authorities also found a logbook. However, they have not found any evidence from the woman's plane or her body.

Woman Loved Flying

The woman's husband said about his wife, "She loved flying. It was a passion." He said that his wife passed away doing something she loved.

Mary Falstrom held a membership in The Ninety-Nines, Inc., an organization for women pilots. She also worked at Torrance Airport's Western Museum of Flight as a volunteer. Both her plane and the other aircraft left from the Torrance Airport before their collision on Friday.

According to her husband, Falstrom was piloting an aircraft called a Super Decathlon. He said that it was an acrobatic plane. The men were flying in a Beech 35 Bonanza.

After any kind of airplane accident where people are injured or killed, it is important to complete a full investigation to discover the cause of the crash. There will always be a lot of potentially liable parties, like the mechanics who worked on the plane, the airport, the airplane manufacturer, pilots and more.