On Friday morning, a giant construction crane came crashing down in the middle of a snowstorm in downtown Manhattan. The crane struck a number of cars that were parked on the side of a busy street. It also struck and killed one person.

The crane came down close to 8:30 a.m. Soon after, hundreds of emergency responders and firefighters were on the scene, tending to the crash site. Among the wreckage were about six cars that had been seriously damaged.

3 People Injured, 1 Dead, in Total

In addition to the fatally injured person, two more people were seriously injured and required hospital care. A third victim suffered minor injuries.

Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the accident site shortly after it happened. He surveyed the damage and told reporters that city officials were investigating how the incident may have happened.

Authorities are not certain whether strong winds may have caused the crane to collapse, or if there was another reason for the tragedy. The crane -- which formerly extended several hundred feet into the sky -- now lies along the street, stretching across almost two city blocks.

Witness Reminded of 9/11 Tragedy

One witness, a delivery person for online grocer Fresh Direct, said, "When the crane hit the ground, I heard a loud bang, it sounded like a bomb ... One of the loudest sounds I heard in my life."

According to sources, roads and subway exits in the vicinity of the accident were closed while authorities tended to the scene. Fortunately, the crane fell right into the street and missed hitting nearby buildings.

It is likely that the injured victims of this accident, and family members of the deceased, will be able to pursue personal injury claims for financial restitution. However, first, authorities and victims' attorneys will need to determine who was at fault and who was potentially negligent in the events leading up to the incident.