Apple is recalling millions of defective power adapters. The malfunctioning devices have caused consumers to get shocked when they touch them.

The adapters affected by the recall are international ones intended for use in Brazil, Argentina, Korea, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. They have shipping dates from 2003 through 2015. They were sold with different iOS devices and Mac products, and they were part of the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.

Danger of Breaking and Shocking Customers

Issues with the adapters relate to the danger of them breaking and exposing wires that can shock consumers when touched. Consumers are being asked to return affected power adapters to an Apple Store to receive a redesigned adapter completely free of charge.

Consumers in possession of defective wall plugs will note that either no characters or between four and five characters will appear on the slot where they attach to the base of the Apple brand power adapter. The redesigned and corrected plug adapters feature a three-letter code indicating the country it is intended for -- either EUR, AUS, KOR, BRA or ARG. Additional information about the recall and affected adapters can be found on Apple's website.

No Serious Injuries Have Been Reported

In the best of situations a consumer product recall happens before any kind of serious injuries are reported. In this case, it does not appear that any consumers were seriously hurt by these defective devices; however, it does sound like some individuals suffered shocks -- indicating that these devices are clearly unsafe for use.

When a defective product causes injuries, deaths, house fires or other kinds of accidents and damages, consumers will usually have the ability to pursue claims for financial compensation. Those claims may seek money to pay for property damages, the costs of medical care, lost income due to an inability to work and other categories of damages.