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Emerson College in Boston is considering disciplinary action against a teenage student for putting his dorm room up on Airbnb.

The idea first struck Jack Worth when he needed extra money and realized that a lot of people would want to take advantage of his dorm room's location in a highly sought after Boston neighborhood. However, when school officials caught wind of the entrepreneurial endeavor, they quickly put a stop to it. Worth says that the school is now threatening him with disciplinary action.

Only Used the Site for 2 Weeks

Worth only had his Airbnb listing up for a couple of weeks when school officials told him to remove it. According to the school, renting out a dorm room on Airbnb is a violation of the housing and residency hall contract that Worth signed upon moving into the residence hall. The school said the contractual rules exist to "protect residents and the community from exposure to safety and security risks."

As for security concerns, though, Worth said he made sure his guests did not pose security threats to fellow dorm residents. He said that he confirmed with his suite-mates before approving someone to stay, and he remained with guests as they entered and left the dormitory building.

Worth said that guests used his dorm room for a total of three evenings before he was forced to take down the listing, but did not reveal how much money he made.

Teen Also Violated Airbnb's Policies

In addition to Emerson College, it appears that Airbnb could take issue with Worth's rental of his dorm room. According to a spokesperson from Airbnb, the site asks hosts to follow their local laws when offering a room for rent.

Because this 19-year-old student's college education could be in jeopardy -- depending on whether school officials decide to discipline him -- Worth may want to contact a Boston-area attorney to represent him in dealing with the school.