Police Lights

A Miami woman brazenly pulled over a police officer after she says he sped past her in his police cruiser. The woman claims that the officer was speeding to the point that her car shook as he drove past her in a 40 mile-per-hour zone. She recorded the entire incident on her cellphone's video camera.

Eventually, Claudia Castillo was able to flag the officer down, and he pulled off to the side of the road. She pulled over, too, and the officer got out of his car and walked up to her window.

Asked Officer: "What's the Emergency?"

What next ensued was a comical script reversal as Castillo proceeded to drill the officer with a battery of questions. She said, "The reason why I pulled you over today ... I just wanted to know, what's the emergency."

With a calm demeanor, the officer responded in a way you would expect a speeding driver to respond. "I don't know how fast I was going. But I can tell you this, I'm on my way to work right now. I don't believe I was speeding," he said.

The officer also asked, "I thought you had some kind of emergency, is everything fine?"

"Everything's fine ... Just your speeding," Castillo said.

"I'll be sure to slow down then," the officer said at the end of the interaction.

Later, the woman proceeded to post the video on the Internet and it went viral, receiving mixed reactions from viewers. Some comments were insulting, saying that the woman needs to get a life. Others congratulated the woman on doing a great job.

The Miami-Dade Police Department also responded publicly to the video, saying that the police officer's superiors will be investigating the incident, and the department will then take appropriate action.

Pulling Over the Police Is Definitely Not Recommended

It is not recommended to chase down a police car or pull over an officer. Had the officer not been calm and professional in this case, Castillo's actions could have been interpreted as an act of aggression. It is also possible that she could be charged with interfering with an officer if her actions got in the way of the officer's ability to do his job. Rather than take the law into her own hands, therefore, the wisest course of action would have been to call 911 and notify authorities of the speeding officer and the identification number on his police cruiser.