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A San Diego driver was killed on Sunday after a giant tree fell across the middle of the road. The 8-food-wide tree came down in a windy storm, crossing all four lanes of traffic. The tree hit four cars, one of which had the vicim inside it. At this time, the vicim's identity has not been released.

Firefighter Captain Said Drivers Need to Be Careful in the Rain

Soon after the catastrophe, firefighters appeared on scene to extricate the victim. It took two hours to remove the body from the flattened vehicle. Unfortunately, they were unable to save the person's life.

In reference to the accident, a Fire and Rescue Captain said, "To the people out here dealing with the rain: be careful, drive slowly and arrive alive."

Dozens of power poles, trees and roofs were torn free in the high winds across Southern California during Sunday's storm. Solar panels were even ripped off a house. Winds exceeded 65 miles per hour in Malibu and 50 miles per hour in San Diego. In Whitaker Peak, a wind gust hit 115 miles per hour. By 4 p.m., some areas had received as much as an inch of rain, and 3 inches were expected to fall in some parts of Los Angeles as the storm dragged on.

Downed Trees Could Result in Personal Injury Claims

The storm conditions that led to the tree falling on this person's vehicle were clearly intense and out of the ordinary. However, cities and municipalities have a duty to keep roadways free and clear of potential dangers during storm conditions. In some cases, if a storm results in a tree or branches falling over a roadway, people hurt by the accident may want to investigate whether or not the city was negligent. For example, if the tree in this case was clearly rotten and in danger of falling over, the city should have made an effort to cut the tree down, which would have prevented this horrible incident from occurring.