Recall Alert

The health food grocery store chain, Whole Foods, has recalled almost 74,000 pounds of pizza. The recall was issued because the frozen pepperoni pizzas contain undeclared pork. The pizzas were mislabeled to say that they contained purely uncured beef pepperoni, but those labels were proved to be false. Instead, the pizzas contain uncured pork pepperoni.

Could Be a Problem for People with Pork Allergies

While this is probably not a problem for most customers, some people are dangerously allergic to pork. Unknowingly, consuming pork could cause a serious and dangerous reaction in these people, including symptoms of nausea, vomiting, wheezing, breathing difficulties and asthma attacks. In the most severe cases, victims could suffer from anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal.

The labeling errors were discovered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). Whole Foods says that the problem developed because it changed its ingredient supplier.

How to Identify Affected Packages

Affected products were made between Jan. 5, 2015, and Jan. 22, 2016. The products are labeled as follows:

  • 10-oz. vacuum-sealed packages of "WHOLE FOODS MARKETS, PIZZA, PEPPERONI, 8"
  • 19-oz. vacuum-sealed packages of "WHOLE FOODS MARKETS, PIZZA, PEPPERONI, 12"

No Injuries Reported Thus Far

Fortunately, the recall was issued in advance of any adverse reactions being reported. The grocery store chain does not believe that any of its mislabeled frozen pizzas have caused illness or injury.

Clearly, it was negligence on the part of Whole Foods and/or its supplier which led to this potentially dangerous labeling error. Therefore, if a Whole Foods customer is seriously injured by the mislabeled pizza, that customer will have a very strong personal injury claim for financial restitution in court. Damages pursuable may include financial compensation for: the cost of medical care, time spent unable to work, pain and suffering and other damages.