Hamburger soda and french fries

Fast food restaurant Wendy's Co. is investigating potentially fraudulent credit card purchases made with cards after they were used to purchase food at their store locations. The burger restaurant received reports that there has been unusual credit card activity happening after cards were used at some of its U.S. stores. The burger restaurant has a total of 5,700 stores in various states across the nation.

A spokesman for Wendy's, Bob Bertini, sent an email statement to Reuters about the suspected fraudulent purchases. In the statement, he said, "Reports indicate fraudulent charges may have occurred elsewhere after payment cards were legitimately used at some restaurants."

Corporate Security Breaches Like This Are Not Uncommon

Instances of credit card fraud like this, where a card is legitimately used to purchase items at one place and the data is stolen to make fraudulent purchases at another, are not uncommon. For example, customers of Home Depot Inc. and Target Corp. have had their credit card data stolen in recent years after corporate-wide security breaches allowed identity thieves to steal customer information. In 2014, the Jimmy John's sandwich chain also suffered security breaches like this.

Bertini said that Wendy's needs to complete its investigations before it will know the scope of the fraud that has occurred. Bertini said that Wendy's has contracted a cyber-security company to help with the investigations but he did not say the name of the company they hired.

The security breach was first reported online by Krebs on Security, a popular blog that covers Internet and electronic data security topics.

Victims of Identity Theft May Want to Get Legal Assistance

Identity theft can wreak havoc on its victims' financial lives. Not only do victims have to track down fraudulent purchases on their credit cards, but they can also suffer from problems on their credit reports. Identity theft victims may therefore wish to speak with an attorney to ensure that they have done everything they can to secure their identities, personal information and credit card information from further attack.