National Football League star Vince Young was arrested and accused of drunk driving during early morning hours on Monday. Just after midnight, the ex-NFL quarterback was booked on a misdemeanor charge of DWI (driving while intoxicated) in Austin, Texas. A judge set his bond at $2,000.

Exhibited Slurred and Mumbled Speech

A spokesman for the Austin police department said that officers pulled Young over just north of downtown Austin late on Sunday evening. The former athlete was driving on Interstate 35 when officers allegedly spotted him driving erratically. Officers say that they pulled him over because his car was changing speeds and drifting around the road. According to the arrest report, Young exhibited slurred and mumbled speech.

Vince Young became an NFL superstar after completing six seasons with the league. Most of his time as a professional football player was spent playing for the Tennessee Titans. One of the highlights of his career was winning the national title in 2005, when he played for the University of Texas. Young is no longer playing football, but he is currently employed by the University of Texas. He promotes community engagement and diversity for the university. Unfortunately, this DWI arrest could have negative repercussions for his job at the school.

The University of Texas has issued a formal statement relating to its employee's arrest. School officials said that they knew about Young's DWI charge and they are deliberating over the appropriate response.

Young Will Have the Right to Defend Himself

At this time, Young is not guilty of driving while intoxicated; he has merely been charged with the crime. If he is ultimately convicted, he could face legal consequences, like fines, license suspensions, points on his license, increased insurance premiums and the need to use an ignition interlock device. As such, Young will want to take his DWI defense very seriously.