Weird Laws

In today's edition of Weird Law Friday, we'd like to share some funny, disturbing and downright strange laws from different states in our fine country, the United States of America. If one of these laws applies to your state, you might want to give visiting friends and relatives a heads up so they don't get arrested or fined for breaking them.

In Alabama, you're not allowed to drive your vehicle blindfolded. This takes distracted driving to an entirely different level. Sure, these drivers might not be able to update their Twitter accounts or click 'like' on angry cat videos while traveling 70 miles per hour down the highway, but they will certainly be in violation of Alabama's blindfolded driving statute. But really, what sane person is going to drive blindfolded?

Fake Mustaches in Church: BANNED

Alabama also forbids its proud citizens from wearing fake mustaches in church, but only if those mustaches cause laughter. Now, if you have a very serious fake mustache -- perhaps one that's straight and severely pointy on the ends -- and no one will ever laugh at it, then by all means don your artificial whiskers in church.

In California, you can't hunt from the back of your moving pickup truck. Sorry, but you'll have to stop your vehicle. It's not clear whether you actually have to get out, so you might be able to shoot the animals out your rolled down window. Of course, if you are hunting fish, it doesn't sound like you'll have to take a swim. You can probably shoot them from inside your boat without fear of getting hit with a citation.

There's Only 1 Way to Have Sexual Relations in Florida

In Florida, you can get slapped with a fine if you fall asleep under the hair dryer at the salon. The salon owner can also get fined for this. While this law might sound a little strange, it definitely makes sense -- all that hot air could probably burn you, or at least ruin your hairdo. By the way, if you decide to have sexual relations after safely exiting the salon with your awesome new hairstyle, be certain that it's only in the missionary position as any other kind of methodology is completely forbidden in Florida.

Don't forget to tell your friends about these important laws if they visit you in one of these states. After all, you don't want them getting arrested, charged with one of the weirdest crimes on the books. How embarrassing would that be!