The University of Cincinnati has settled a wrongful death lawsuit over the death of an unarmed black man. As a part of the settlement, the deceased youth's family will receive $4.85 million. Additionally, the university has agreed to provide free undergraduate educations to the deceased man's 12 siblings, and create a memorial for him.

Samuel DuBose's family initiated a wrongful death suit against the university after their son was killed by a university police officer during a traffic stop. Prosecutors also pursued murder charges against the white officer who shot the young man, saying that the incident was a "senseless, asinine shooting."

Total Settlement Valued at $5.3 Million

The wrongful death settlement was reached following a two-day mediation process, and the university announced the settlement on Monday. University officials estimate that the total cost of the settlement will be approximately $5.3 million.

University President Santa J. Ono referenced the settlement in a recent statement saying that it was "part of the healing process not only for the family but also for our university and Cincinnati communities" and he also expressed the university's "deepest sadness and regrets at the heartbreaking loss of life."

The university plans to make changes to the way it runs its police department and will include DuBose's family in discussions on suitable changes that should be made.

Debate Over Race and Police Misconduct Continues

A number of multi-million-dollar settlements have been reached in recent months over the deaths of African Americans by police officers. The instances have sparked a national debate over police violence, police misconduct and the need to reform how racial minority groups are treated by law enforcement. Hopefully, communities will be able to successfully implement changes that will resolve this issue in the years to come.