Construction Accident

Seventeen people have been rescued from a salt mine in upstate New York. The miners were stuck inside an elevator shaft since approximately 12 a.m. on Thursday morning. The global commodities trader that owns the mine said that an investigation will be performed to discover what caused the miners to get trapped.

The workers were trapped approximately 800 to 900 feet deep inside an elevator shaft at Cargill's Cayuga Salt Mine after their elevator malfunctioned. The mine is located in Lansing, New York, a small town with a population of approximately 11,0000 people, just north of Ithaca.

The trapped workers were rescued by experts trained to deal with such circumstances. They arrived on scene with special equipment and were able to pull the workers out.

No One Suffered Injury

Fortunately, all of the trapped miners were rescued and none of them suffered injury.

A spokesperson for the mine owner said that they plan to keep the mine closed for the remainder of the week until they have a chance to complete their investigations.

Cargill's Cayuga Salt Mine produces about 2 million tons of salt for use on roads every year. The salt goes to over 1,500 locations in the American northeast.

Mining Accidents Happen All the Time

It is fortunate that none of the workers were seriously injured in this incident. Mining accidents happen every day throughout the world; workers get trapped in cave-ins, and often they do not survive. Sometimes the accidents are unavoidable, but sometimes they happen as a result of an employer's negligence. Miners injured in workplace accidents will usually have the ability to seek financial assistance by filing a workers' compensation claim. In rarer cases, they may also be able to hold their employers responsible for negligence in civil court.