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President Barack Obama announced in an address that he is planning to discuss strategies to combat gun violence with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday. The president wants to investigate ways he could potentially bypass Congress with executive actions that do not need congressional approval.

The president said Friday that he cannot "sit around and do nothing." Obama referenced receiving "too many letters from parents, and teachers, and kids" not to act.

Congress Is Not Listening to Obama's Call for Action

Obama has urged Congress to enact gun laws in response to rampant gun violence throughout the country, but Congress appears to be at a standstill with regard to passing new legislation in alignment with the president's vision. After the 2012 elementary school shootings in Newton, Connecticut, the Shootings in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the most recent one in San Bernardino, California, Obama has been particularly passionate on the topic of tightening access to guns.

During a recent address, Obama said, "A few months ago, I directed my team at the White House to look into any new actions I can take to help reduce gun violence ... And on Monday, I'll meet with our attorney general, Loretta Lynch, to discuss our options."

Announcement Comes After Texas Makes It Legal to Carry Guns in Public

Obama made the announcement at the heels of a new law in Texas that allows gun owners to wield handguns in public places without concealing them.

The Washington Post reported that Obama and Lynch will pinpoint various strategies the executive branch can deploy. The proposals will be executive actions ordered by the president, which do not need congressional approval to implement.

Obama wants to use his executive powers to increase background checks for people who purchase firearms from dealers selling a high volume of weapons. Thousands of people buy guns every year without the need to submit to a background check. If the rules are clarified, gun control activists believe it could help curb gun violence by making it more difficult for people with criminal backgrounds to buy weapons.