shooting in florida

A 7-year-old boy was shot to death in a Florida home last Sunday. The drive-by shooting happened in Miami-Dade County while the boy was visiting relatives during the holidays. The incident happened at approximately 3:30 p.m., when four men in a white pickup truck opened fire on the residence with a high powered rifle. After the shooting, the men quickly left the accident scene.

Details about the incident were released by Miami-Dade Police Deputy Director Juan Perez in a media conference. The Miami Herald recording of the conference was then published on the Internet.

None of the Shooters Have Been Apprehended Yet

The police deputy director said that none of the shooters have been apprehended but authorities said that they had to detain one man at the scene because he needed to "calm down."

Cousins of the 7-year-old victim were sitting on the front porch when the shooting started. They escaped injury by running into the backyard. Meanwhile, the child was inside and got hit by a stray bullet or bullets. Aside from the boy, no one else was injured.

A local bishop commented on the tragic incident and said, "There's no prayer you can pray that takes care of these kind of problems."

A Tragedy Without Justice

It will now be up to law enforcement to try and bring some semblance of justice to this tragedy. If police are able to identify and arrest the perpetrators in the case, they will be criminally tried and punished to the full extent of the law. Family members of the boy may also be able to seek wrongful death damages in civil court. If successfully navigated, a wrongful death claim could provide financial compensation for loss of family relationship, emotional turmoil, end of life expenses and other damages to the parents of the boy. However, the shooters will need to be apprehended before this kind of justice can be served.