Theme park visitors in Orlando, Florida, were in for a rude surprise when 50 SeaWorld guests got stuck inside the Skytower ride on Monday. In the middle of the ride, which takes visitors up to the top of a 400-foot tower to experience a panoramic view of Florida, the elevator-like machine got stuck. Its riders were trapped for hours about a fourth of the way up before they were eventually freed.

Both SeaWorld employees and guests of the theme park were trapped aboard as emergency responders scrambled to figure out how they were going to get them down. Officials from SeaWorld were in contact with the riders during the entire ordeal. By the end of it, all were safely brought back to ground level.

In an official statement, SeaWorld announced, "We are glad they are all safe and sound."

Ride Currently Being Investigated for Safety Issues

The ride is currently closed as officials and engineers determine whether it is safe. According to SeaWorld spokeswoman Aimée Jeansonne Becka, they are unable to say what exactly happened at this time.

Televised images of the guests were released, as they calmly waited for the ride to let them down. The ride has been an iconic feature of the marine life aquarium attraction, ever since it opened in 1973. The SeaWorld website describes it as "retro-cool."

Fortunately No One Was Harmed

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Skytower is as "retro-safe" as it is "retro-cool." That said, we can, fortunately, say that no one was injured as a result of Monday's mishap. Had anyone been injured, they would have had strong claims to seek financial restitution relating to their injuries in civil court. Such a personal injury claim likely would have fallen under the category of premises liability law, which governs the responsibility of property owners to keep their areas reasonably safe and free of dangers.