School Crime

Another United States school district canceled classes on Monday. The Nashua School District in New Hampshire closed its schools after receiving what the district says was a "detailed threat of violence."

Only Days After Threats of Violence in Los Angeles

The New Hampshire school closure comes only days after a district-wide shutdown of schools by the Los Angeles Unified School District last week. The threats in Los Angeles referenced the use of assault weapons and bombs, resulting in the closure of over 1,000 schools last Tuesday. As hundreds of thousands of children and teens waited out the incident at home, school district officials were accused of being over reactive and overly cautious.

School districts across the United States received similar threats last week, but most did not close, or if they did, they reopened them very quickly. Officials have since discovered that these threats were hoaxes.

New Hampshire Superintendent Chose to Be Extra Cautious

In New Hampshire, violence was threatened against staff and students at two major high schools. School officials are currently working with Nashua police to investigate the validity of the threat. The School district's Superintendent Mark Conrad said, "Because the threat is specific and extends to several schools, we will be cautious and close all of our public schools in Nashua tomorrow."

New Hampshire school officials believe that the district will reopen its doors on Tuesday and classes will resume as scheduled. If the individual or individuals responsible for these threats is identified by authorities, they will face serious criminal charges. Threats of mass violence are a form of terrorism. They affect the peace and daily operation of our communities and police and the justice system take them very seriously. Especially, now, after numerous mass shootings and terrorist events have happened in our country and throughout the world, communities are particularly sensitive to these events.