Weird Laws

Every Friday, we like to zero in on strange laws from the around the world. This article will focus on some of the strangest we have ever encountered. Indeed, these laws certainly make you wonder, "What were those lawmakers thinking?"

In Florida It's Illegal to "Break Wind" in Public (on Thursdays)

Oddly enough, if you ever feel the urge to purge in Florida, you are freely able to do so -- most of the time. You had better keep yourself under control, however, if it's Thursday after 5:59 p.m. In the state of Florida, it is illegal to break wind in public beginning at 6 p.m. every Thursday. Some Florida residents might say that this would be an opportune time to visit certain, less-than-polite friends of theirs. However, if you assume that everyone will be following the letter of the law, you might be in for an unwanted surprise. The vast majority of Florida residents haven't caught wind of this strange piece of legislation, and from our experience, they are regularly breaking it with wild abandon.

Great News for Canadian "Beliebers"

There's a law in Canada that requires at least one out of every five songs played on the radio to be a song from a Canadian artist. That means, even if there have not been any chart-topping songs produced by Canadian musicians for a while, your local Canadian radio station will still have to play some less-than-popular Canadian music to comply with the law.

This is a boon for people with Bieber fever; though, considering that so many radio stations seem to play too much of Justin's music right now, this piece of legislation may not be necessary until the Biebtacular becomes a little less than spectacular.

Let Sleeping Donkeys Lie, Just Don't Put Them in Your Tub!

In the state of Oklahoma, it doesn't matter how dirty your donkey is, if it's sleepy, you better not put him in your bathtub -- after 7 p.m., that is. Apparently, the evening hours are not a good time to wash your big-eared friend if his eyes are looking droopy because the minute he dozes off, you'll be in violation of the law!

That said, if your donkey has just enjoyed his evening espresso and feels like he's getting a second wind, by all means plop that energetic equus africanus asinus into the bubble bath. Let him lather up and play with his rubber ducky to his heart's content!