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In the latest news about Bill Cosby, the actor and comedian has sued seven women, saying that they made false accusations against him for financial gain. The actor says that the women lied about his alleged sexual misconduct.

Bill Cosby filed his countersuit against the women in federal court, alleging that the plaintiffs filed "malicious, opportunistic, and false and defamatory accusations," and lied about his alleged sexual misconduct. Cosby has asked for monetary compensation "to the maximum extent permitted by law."

The women -- who say that Cosby raped and/or sexually assaulted them in different ways -- filed the case that Cosby is disputing in U.S. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts. Cosby maintains a residence in western Massachusetts.

Cosby Is Trying to Frame Us as Liars, Women Say

The women responded to the comedian's counterclaim, saying that Cosby is defaming and framing them as liars. The women are among approximately 50 people who have claimed during the last year that the actor sexually assaulted them. Some of the cases happened decades ago.

Cosby has repeatedly denied all of the sexual misconduct allegations being brought against him. He says that the women are trying to assassinate his character and reputation, and they are merely trying to profit from their mendacious statements.

Cosby's lawyers claim that the women's civil assault claims have damaged the actor's career and reputation, especially by their initiation of the lawsuit at the same time he was going to make a television comeback in a new series on NBC. After news of the rape and sexual misconduct allegations hit the media, NBC dropped its plans for the new show.

Does Cosby's Countersuit Constitute Retaliation?

Meanwhile, Attorney Joseph Cammarata, who is representing the women, implied that Cosby's countersuit was nothing more than retaliation. "To suggest that these ladies -- each and every one of them -- got together and orchestrated a campaign against Mr. Cosby is hard to fathom," he said.

The law protects victims of sexual assault and abuse from counterclaims made out of retaliation. Individuals who are harmed by abusers should not be frightened from asserting their rights in court for fear of being retaliated against with countersuits and other legal countermeasures. These tactics are sometimes used to frighten plaintiffs into dropping and/or settling their lawsuits, but if retaliation has occurred, such unlawful countermeasures will not hold up during litigation.